One of the most frequent responses we get is “but I know “someone” with the same car and they pay -x amount-“

We’re here to tell you to stop playing “the comparison game”. Why? Because there are a lot of variables that go into someone’s monthly payment. A few reasons why the payment may differ for the same make/model are listed below:

  • There may be a different program at the time of purchase
  • Although it may be the “same” car the MSRP may be higher or lower
  • The deals may have different terms (higher/lower yearly mileage, down payment, money rolled in from previous vehicle, etc…)
  • There may have been various incentives offered that are no longer available or you are not eligible for
  • Credit scores

All of that to say… don’t get caught up in the comparison game! With MotorBreeze you can always count on getting the most aggressive deal right from the start!

Also 10 out of 10 times when our customer goes back to that “someone” and asks for specifics about their deal one of the factors we mentioned above differ which is the reason for the different price on the “same” car.