Who’s Number 1?
The Battle of the Mid-sized Titans
Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord

Two of the best-selling midsized automobiles have been going head-to-head in the battle for consumer hearts and wallets for decades. From the entry level models to the fully loaded luxury sedans, the Camry and Accord share similar price points. 

Which hot new mid-sized earns the coveted top spot is often a matter of brand loyalty — each model has its pluses and minuses. Most of the respected consumer publications and surveys rank the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord as the Top 2 mid-sized vehicles on the market when considering price, performance, reliability, and comfort. 


Following are what some of the leading publications say: 

US News and World Report 

*Toss Up 


Auto Trader 

*Edge to Accord 


Kelley Blue Book 

*Edge to Accord 


Bottom Line: 

There are good reasons why these two coveted models have been going head-to-head since the late 1980s – with little to separate the two in quality, reliability, and popularity. They offer excellent pricing, an attractive package of convenience and luxury options, and proven track records for reliability and service. As always, do your research before buying or we can help you. Not sure which one you want?  We can help answer any questions you have. Once you are ready we will work hard to get you the best deal for any New Honda Accord or Toyota Camry and have it delivered right to your home.